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Hope from muud is a beautiful storage case for your crochet supplies. Made of premium leather, the Hope case provides you with a beautiful and durable storage solution that will last for many years. An essential tool for the discerning crochet lover who values quality and wants to take extra good care of his or her crochet equipment. The Hope case is made with genuine leather for an authentic and exclusive look that ages with beauty. The lid of the case holds up to 6 crochet hooks in elastic loops. This allows you to keep your needles and hooks easily available. The case itself provides space for your small, essential crochet accessories – such as measuring tape, scissors and small stitch markers. The case can also be used as a pencil case. • Made with genuine leather • Holds up to 6 crochet hooks in elastic loops • A large compartment with room for your small crochet essentials • Zipper closure Specifications: Height: 6 cm Length: 20 cm Material: Leather Lining: Polydrill with a smooth surface to ensure easy maintenance Care information: muud Care & Clean Leather is a natural material, and its appearance may therefore vary from product to product. The actual product colour may also vary from the visual representation on this website.
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